...after all the efforts we have made over a period of three or four years to fail to obtain the medication, I just can't believe how easy it has been to obtain it from you. I simply do not understand how you manage to provide such a wonderful service, and cannot properly express my gratitude for your help.

My daughter who has been ill for a while had to have a kidney transplant and had to be given Tacrolimus to prevent rejection, as she was still very young it needed to be a liquid, The Pharmacy team have been supplying me for some time now and indeed through my recommendation some other parents who had difficulty obtaining a liquid now also have it from
Hard To Find Medicines.

L P (Chichester)

Mrs H (Slough, Berks)

Re: Predsol Suppositories
This is just a quick note to register my sincere thanks for supplying the suppositories. You have managed in 3 days what my local pharmacist have not been able to do in 2 years.
Many thanks. Keep up the good work.

D B (Derbyshire)

It has been a tremendous relief that you have been able to obtain my medicine for me. I have been using this medicine for a long time and was having major problems in obtaining a supply. It was a very lucky day for me when I saw you mentioned in The Daily Mail, I think your service should be shouted from the roof-tops. I am also amazed that I didn't have to pay anything for the postage - it is not often in this day and age that something is free.
You can rely on my continuing to use this priceless service.

Mrs K (Suffolk)

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